Lamborghini Furniture is Now Available Exclusively at Homes65!

Inspired by the characteristic design traits of Lamborghini cars, the furniture in this series is made of authentic high quality natural materials such as solid walnut. Sleek lines, curves and sophisticated touches reveal expert workmanship that goes into making each sculpture-like piece of furniture. Perfectly finished in oil and natural wax, the result is a combination of tradition, innovation, and quality that form the basics of the productive standards.

New Launch of Exclusive Japanese Crafted Teak Furniture

From Japan to the World’, Clantree is the master of world-class quality teakwood products designed to last for life. The “Yo-no-Bi” concept, which means “beauty of practicality,” refers to the true beauty found in everyday craftwork, where things get more beautiful the more you use them.

In the Media

Homes65 proudly presents to you the best quality beds produced by leading brands from around the world. Our latest arrivals include artisanal pieces from Greece and Portugal made from the finest materials such as oak and walnut wood. Besides Asian and European sizes, we also provide customised options so you can be sure to find something you desire at Homes65.

A Lonely Fish

Homes65 is proud to be an official sponsor for the latest Toggle Originals series “A Lonely Fish”. The 6-episode romantic thriller stars up-and-coming young actress He Ying Ying and veteran actors Pierre Png, Cynthia Koh, Joey Swee and Brian Ng. Nicknamed ‘A Lonely Fish’ by her peers, Jing Xuan (He Ying Ying) is a socially awkward and introverted polytechnic student. Following her parents’ death in a traffic accident, the despondent Jing Xuan wants to end it all but was stopped by Kai (Brian Ng), a doctor-in-training. Over time, Jing Xuan starts hearing strange sounds and voices, including those of her parents – leading her to believe that they are in an alternate dimension…
Catch “A Lonely Fish” on Channel U every Monday at 9pm and repeat at 11:30pm!


Of heritage, pride and quality, the roots of the Gorini brand have spread themselves for over 30 years. It is not by chance that they come from Forlì, Italy, renowned for some of the world’s best wood craftsmen, masters of upholstered furniture, visionary designers and mechanical components producers.

Each of their products is rooted in a project, an idea, a tale narrated in first person. Every piece of work by Gorini is a piece of art in itself.